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David Mackey : English Teacher

David Mackey | English Teacher

My Email: david.mackey@washk12.org

William Wixom : English Teacher

William Wixom | English Teacher

My Email: william.wixomburdick@washk12.org

Kaitlyn Ipson : Music Teacher

Kaitlyn Ipson | Music Teacher

My Email: kaitlyn.ipson@washk12.org

Rebecca Stevens : Math Teacher

Rebecca Stevens | Math Teacher

My Email: rebecca.stevens@washk12.org

Christopher Esplin : Plant/Life Science Teacher

Christopher Esplin | Plant/Life Science Teacher

My Email: christopher.esplin@washk12.org

Kathleen Haggard : Family and Consumer Sciences

Kathleen Haggard | Family and Consumer Sciences

My Email: kathleen.haggard@washk12.org

James Boone : Spanish Teacher

James Boone | Spanish Teacher

My Email: james.boone@washk12.org

Brad Garrett : Business ED

Brad Garrett | Business ED

My Email: brad.garrett@washk12.org

Ben Jackman : Special Education

Ben Jackman | Special Education

My Email: ben.jackman@washk12.org

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Favorite Quote:
"It's trust and character I need around me. You know, who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are"   Han

Travis LeBaron : Math/PE/Health

Travis LeBaron | Math/PE/Health

My Email: travis.leBaron@washk12.org

Daniel Lundell : Art

Daniel Lundell | Art

My Email: daniel.lundell@washk12.org

Nathan Neeley : Math/SCI

Nathan Neeley | Math/SCI

My Email: nathan.neeley@washk12.org

Carly Stratton : Social Studies

Carly Stratton | Social Studies

My Email: carly.stratton@washk12.org

Hunter Wixom : Math/SCI

Hunter Wixom | Math/SCI

My Email: hunter.wixom@washk12.org

Nancy Wikan : Media Center (Librarian)

Nancy Wikan | Media Center (Librarian)

My Email: nancy.wikan@washk12.org