880 North Carling St. #520
Hildale, UT 84784
T: 435.874.1407
F: 435.874.1405

School Announcements

Prom Night
March 6
Dance tickets: $10/person or $15/couple
Dinner & Dance tickets: $15/person or $25/couple

Yearbook - $30
Pay in Office

Check out our school calendar for upcoming events!

Adult Education
Earn your High School Diploma or GED
Monday & Thursday 3:30-8:00 PM
If interested contact Mr. Ben Jackman

Congratulations Water Canyon High School on becoming "Accredited"!


outside view WCHS

Welcome to the NEW Water Canyon High website! Our new website is in active development and has been released as a beta (test) version. We invite you to begin exploring the new website. Any Feedback is greatly appreciated. You can report any missing information or errors at any time to Nancy Wikan (nancy.wikan@washk12.org).



880 N. Carling St.
Hildale, Ut 84784
T: 435.847.1407
F: 435.874.1405